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The Crisfield community with its 2700 + citizens is comprised of close-knit members many of whom can trace their ancestors back three or more centuries is the same community.  More and more, there are new faces found in Crisfield - many people visit or live in the area throughout the summer months, but more and more new-comers are calling Crisfield "home" because of the superb quality of life the area has to offer.  There are over 30 churches along the Crisfield Route 413 corridor, testimony to the strong faith felt by a people who have endured both good times and bad with cheerful hearts.  There is a high school, middle school, elementary and primary school as well as a Technology and Career Center offering educational opportunities and Civic Groups that include the American Legion, Kiwanis, Elks, Lions, Lioness and VFW.

You'll find friends in Crisfield - the community that hosts the National Hard Crab Derby, the J. Millard Tawes Crab and Clam Bake and the J. Millard Tawes Oyster and Bull Roast loves visitors and invites you to share in slow paced lifestyle rich with family, friends and natural beauty that makes Crisfield a great place to call "home."
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Residents and visitors of the City of Crisfield have a multitude of small town offerings avaliable to them including 1 major grocery store, two pharmacies, three motels, fitness centers and a multitude of local and national restaurants and retail locations.  For more information on area businesses, contact the Crisfield Area Chamber of Commerce at 410-968-2500, or visit their website.
Area residents of the City of Crisfield are proud to boast of their educational options avaliable to them both through the Somerset County Public Schools and two private school systems; Crisfield Christian Academy and Holy Grove Christian School.

S O M E R S E T  C O U N T Y  P U B L I C  S C H O O L S

210 North Somerset Avenue
Crisfield, Maryland 21817
Phone: 410-968-0150
Fax: 410-968-1178
7970 Crisfield Highway
Westover, Maryland 21817
Phone: 410-621-0161
Fax: 410-621-0166

7982 Crisfield Highway
Westover, Maryland 21871
Phone: 410-651-2285
H O L L Y  G R O V E  C H R I S T I A N  S C H O O L 
7317 Mennonite Church Rd
Westover, MD 21871-3705
(410) 957-0222
The City of Crisfield is strong, family oriented, faith based community, and happy opens their doors to any new residents of Crisfield, or visitors to our community. 

 Click HERE for more information on all of our local churches.

Feel free to contact the Crisfield Ministerial Association at:

Area residents are fortunate to be members of such an active and involved community.  Local civic organizations are continually doing their part to make the City of Crisfield a better place to live.  If you are interested in getting involved in the community, there is sure to be an organization for you.

Crisfield Chamber of Commerce can provide listing.
CHIEF FRANKIE PRUITT, CONTACT HIM AT crisfieldfirechief2@yahoo.com